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Who is eligible for the QCIA?

Students who undertake studies that are part of an individualised learning program and have either an impairment or difficulties in learning are eligible for the QCIA.

If my child has an impairment or difficulties in learning, do they have to receive this certificate?

No. Your child's school will consult with you and your child to decide on the best educational program. There are several ways in which your child's achievements can be reported.

What can my child use this certificate for?

The QCIA is a valuable record of a student's achievements. It:

  • is an official record of completing at least 12 years of education
  • can be shown to employers as a summary of a student's knowledge and skills
  • can be used by training providers to help them decide the best training options for your child.

When my child leaves school at the end of Year 12, can they receive a QCIA and a QCE?

No. If a student meets the QCE requirements, a QCIA will not be issued. However, if your child receives the QCIA, they can continue to work toward the QCE — their learning account remains open for 9 years after it was opened in Year 10.

Last reviewed: 1 July 2015

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