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Do I need to acknowledge QCAA when I reproduce their material?Yes. If you use QCAA material in a print or electronic document, you need to acknowledge the document (or website path) you took the material from, even if it was not necessary to obtain permission to use it. See the copyright policy for preferred acknowledgment text.

I want to adapt QCAA materials. Do I need permission?Usually yes. Unless material has specifically been provided for adaptation, for example, a template, you will need permission to adapt QCAA materials. See the copyright policy for further information.

Are students and teachers allowed to copy QCAA materials without permission?Yes, students and teachers may copy QCAA material for educational purposes in accordance with the school’s Copyright Agency Ltd (CAL) licence, the Australian Copyright Act 1968, and, if the source is digital, within the limits of the Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Act 2000. See the copyright policy for further information.

I am not a student or a teacher. Do I need permission to copy documents or parts of documents from the QCAA website and use them in publications, websites, seminars or workshops?
Yes. People or organisations who want to use QCAA material need to obtain permission from QCAA by lodging an application form: Request to QCAA for copyright clearance. Fees may be charged if the product is intended to produce a profit. If permission is granted, it will be valid for “once only” use. New editions, reprints and revisions will need a new application and fee, unless otherwise agreed.

How long does it take to process a request to copy QCAA material?Processing time varies, but please allow up to one month.

Do I need to get permission to use material from a QCAA publication that is acknowledged to somebody else?Yes. You must apply directly to the copyright owner of that material.

Can I place a link on my website to material on the QCAA website?You may link to the QCAA website, and permission is not required for this. However, links should never lead directly to a PDF file. For examples of preferred link styles, please see the copyright policy.

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