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A director-teacher of an early learning centre answers these questions:

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  1. What are the main issues for your staff with the introduction of the QKLG? (01min28sec; 3 MB)

    Download version (WMV, 7 MB)
  2. What is your role in supporting your staff to implement the QKLG? (01min28sec; 3 MB)

    Download version (WMV, 7 MB)
  3. What plans do you have to begin implementing the QKLG? (01min55sec; 4 MB)

    Download version (WMV, 9 MB)
  4. How do you support others to implement the QKLG? (30sec; 1 MB)

    Download version (WMV, 2 MB)
  5. How do you help parents understand the QKLG? (02min36sec; 6 MB)

    Download version (WMV, 12 MB)

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